Dream Killers

free spirit le

Hustlers, Free Spirits and Dream Catchers They say that it takes a village to raise a child, how many people does it take to raise a dream? What kind of people does it take to turn a vision into a reality. We surround ourselves with people. Educated people, fun people, trendy people, artistic people, church […]

Black Beauty, Black Booty and Body

black beauty le

  We are a hot topic A target audience In the middle of the circle under heavy scrutiny and examination criticism.   Lustful eyes tell us we are not beautiful but saliva drips from those hard words. and erections abound. We are consumed as painful desserts and exotic delicacies coveted aphrodisiacs hidden from ego’s haunting. […]

Motherhood Entry #2

When I found out I was losing my ovary, I bellowed. I sobbed and fell ito pieces. I called my Father and told him, “I’m having surgery. I have to have my ovary removed because I have a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my fallopian tube. When this is over, I’m having a […]


trust le

  You were made for this time trust you were made for this place trust you were made perfectly imperfect trust you were made for this work trust you were born to the right people trust you were born the right gender trust you were born the right color trust you were born in the […]

What Stands Between Us (AKA Me Freedom You)

aka le

I shine intentionally relentlessly regardlessly I remember being you shroud with man made muck yesteryears pains and injustices obsessed with disparity lost amidst proof of past pain repeating itself hard with blues cave dark worldview defined by being “conscious” but unconscious of life beyond beneath besides visual philosophical physical snapshots of this of here of […]

The Pain

the pain le

We hate the anguish of suffering The pining agony of emptiness Lingering in the heart Desperation is born there Fear seeps in Loneliness Solitude We pray that it go away That it stop, Please Rarely does this absolve its presence But instead time, Time amidst the torture It must end eventually There are reactions In […]

Lovely Day Defeated by The Man

I don’t wanna hear no poems about the struggle The Man ain’t here. I am I want to hear those lips kissing my neck the sound of you smelling my hair See, I have words in my purse right next to lingerie I bought the day after we kissed. I want to surprise you with […]