Black Beauty, Booty And Body




We are a hot topic
A target audience
In the middle of the circle
under heavy scrutiny and examination


Lustful eyes tell us we are not beautiful
but saliva drips from those hard words.
and erections abound.
We are consumed as painful desserts
and exotic delicacies
coveted aphrodisiacs
hidden from ego’s haunting.
We’re fighting conflicting wars
injecting for power over darkness
bleaching to the right goodness
Sarah Baartman is
sweating against fat on white house carpets.

They love us
They hate us
He love us
He hate us
We love us
We hate us


We know
but we don’t know
we chase those who don’t follow.


We show for celebration and exploitation
of ourselves
and gain from our beauty lying in pain.
How do we use something that we don’t have?




I have compiled links that address the Black body, booty and beauty.
What is your take on our attractiveness? Where do we stand in the view of America? Where do we stand in our own perception? Are we exploiting ourselves in art and media or are we celebrating ourselves? Are we being exploited or celebrated? by society? by ourselves?




On Our Booties

Our Body And Our Beauty

2 comments on “Black Beauty, Booty And Body

  1. jermaine simpson on said:

    the first step in genocide is creating negative stigma about a group of people. portray them as less than human, so that noone will feel compassion for them when they are killed. when brothas are killed, there is no public outcry from mainsteam media, because we are considered “dangerous”. therefore, there will always be a thinly veiled sentiment that we deserved it. black women can be kidnapped, rapped, imprisoned, etc… and there will be no public outcry, because these are the images that other folks have of black women – less than human, sexual animals. internalized oppression is so deeply embedded, that we do ourselves in. we support stupid shit like “basketball wives”, a show that makes me cringe. what’s so cold is that “we” are the only ones who watch that shit. we are the ones perpetuating ignorance about ourselves. i love erykah’s video though! i’d join her cult!

  2. Rikki on said:

    I know that we are very attractive and others know this. I do know that there is an agenda out there that wants us to just be concerned about the outward appearance but not the inward attractiveness. The so called black woman’s body is beautiful but unfortunately we have entities who try to turn that beauty into exploitation. The people who mock the black woman internally want to be her.

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